Join the radical thinkers for education.

Our pathway begins with building supportive relationships, the student perspective, and what each of us can do now.

We’re bringing our entire community to work together. 

Join us to co-create the solutions you need now, and to become part of a community of revolutionary support for the future of learning.


Connect. Learn. Create


Learning Pathmakers  builds on the experience of District of Learning in Greater Washington, D.C.
We're collaborating with young people and parents,—and leaders in education, community-based organizations, and technology—
to co-create a better pathway to the future of learning. 


Stacy Kane

"It's the ideal time for creativity to bloom in education. Combining the ideas and energy of students, families, educators and others in this revolutionary way will surely lead to the next generation of groundbreaking progress in American public education!"

Stacy Kane

Co-founder and Executive Director, Washington Leadership Academy Public Charter School (one of ten schools to win the XQ Super Schools Prize)


"We participated as a pilot partner with District of Learning. It was the only technology solution we used where our students could understand everything that was expected of them from beginning to end. It helped them own their learning."

Patricia Brantley

CEO, Friendship Public Charter Schools

 Alison Gillmeister

"I was excited about the Expedition before, and now that I've seen the agenda, I can't wait!”

Alison Gillmeister

Founding team member, Capital Experience Lab


"This is so much better than staring at a screen all day. It gives me better options to learn the ways I want to learn."

Sylvie Alexander

Student, Wilson High School

Our Approach

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The relationships we build, what we do together, and how we do it are just as important as the results.

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We all must chart our own course. With more options for each type of learners, remote learning gets an upgrade.

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Your learning is in your hands. Create your own path forward, and together we can create a different future for learning.

About Learning Pathmakers

Learning Pathmakers is here to help you teach, learn, and support learning during COVID-19 and beyond. We're inviting you to co-create a new initiative with the nonprofit District of Learning. For the last five years, we’ve been working to turn Greater DC into a unified campus for learning through education partnerships and mobile-first technology. We’re building on everything we have learned to help you during this education crisis.


Join the Learning Pathmakers Expedition
Learning Pathmakers

Co-create a better pathway for learning

This short video shows our founding vision to turn Greater DC into a giant campus for learning.

connecting all of dc

Learning Pathmakers builds on the nonprofit District of Learning, part of the MacArthur Foundation’s Cities of Learning initiative, endorsed by the U.S. Conference of Mayors. 

For the last five years, we've learned what it takes to connect, coordinate, and document learning that happens anytime and everywhere.

No one institution, on its own, can help our young people learn what they need. It takes everyone—learners, families, school and community-based educators, and community partners of all kinds—to come together to help young people claim ownership of their learning, secure the supports they need for success, and connect purpose-driven learning to life.

Since the pandemic began, we’ve been collaborating with educators and technology experts—to leapfrog to the next level and co-create Learning Pathmakers with you!

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