Connecting the Whole Learning Ecoverse

Learning Pathmakers is based upon the belief that no one institution, on its own, can prepare our young people for their futures. It takes all of our community resources—citizens, community-based organizations, schools, places of worship, agencies, and cultural institutions—to come together and support young people in exploring their interests, developing their talents, discovering their passions, and charting their pathways into the future.

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A TABLED Ecoverse


Imagine a version of the classic folk tale about Stone Soup, but one where everyone is bringing their best ingredients. There's a well-crafted recipe, and everyone has a seat at the table to partake of the 5-star results. Learning Pathmakers is taking an analogous approach to bring everyone to the table—creating a TABLED ecosystem that is: Transparent, Adaptable, Blended, Learning, Equitable, Distributed.


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Transparent: Prioritizing transparency as a fundamental cornerstone for deep trust across an ecosystem owned by participants and fueled by technology. Building and using a continuously transparent accounting and project management system.

Adaptable: Adaptable as a basis for a human ecosystem, organizational structure, or digital platform. 

Blended: Blending the creation of both social and financial value, both for society and individuals. (Nonprofit is a tax status not a business strategy) Blending interaction in real life with augmented and virtual reality.

Learning: Bringing people together to learn, educate, and support the learning of others. Builds individual and collective intelligence.

Equitable: Creating human, organizational, and digital systems built designed for inclusion, equity, and justice from inception.

Distributed: Designing systems that do not concentrate power in the hands of a few individuals, groups, or institutions. We can remake existing systems to advance individual ownership, and advance equity and inclusion.
We are using this TABLED approach for developing the organizational infrastructure of Learning Pathmakers, connecting the Learning Ecoverse, and embedding it in our technology development.
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Leading with Our Values

Our work is guided by our seven values. We prioritize relationships and process - they are as equally as important as results. We are dedicated to co-creating Learning Pathmakers not just FOR you—we will create it WITH you.

  • Self-Determination
  • Opportunity
  • Love
  • Transparency
  • Solidarity
  • Justice
  • Peace

We'll share much more about our values and how they work in action during the Learning Pathmakers Expedition.

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How We Are Building a Better Future

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A Stronger Learning & Digital Society

Learning with technology has transformed during the pandemic. But we are all struggling to make it work for each of us. We can reduce our overwhelming frustration and improve learning now, and we can begin a revolution - to create a different future.

We can change how we use technology to own our learning pathways and strengthen relationships centered on purpose-driven learning. Technology can connect us through learning everywhere it happens—across school, community, and virtual environments.

We can chart a different pathway for both learning and technology—and put learning, educating, and supporting each other at the center of a better digital society.

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A New Learning Genome

Our approaches to changing education have focused primarily on our educational systems.

With Learning Pathmakers we focus on the student perspective and what each of us can do—our common human activities of learning, educating, and supporting the learning of others, regardless of our characteristics or careers.

Learning, Educating, and Supporting are the three building blocks of our Learning DNA.

We can strengthen our personal Learning DNA and stitch it together with others to create a stronger Learning Genome at the center of a better digital society.

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Individual Learning Data Ownership

We own our financial data. We own our health data. We DON'T own our education data. 

Data is the oil of the internet economy. Global corporations use vast amounts of our personal information for private profit. 

Instead, we each need to privately and securely own our data so we can use it for success in school, work and life.

We are eager to explore this with you during the Learning Pathmakers Expedition, and chart a pathway to "Data Dignity" beginning with learning data ownership.

Co-creating a New Nonprofit Movement
with YOU

Learning Pathmakers has been developed by the nonprofit District of Learning based in Washington, DC. We've been collaborating with a global team of educators, social sector leaders, and technology experts to leapfrog to a new evolution.

We couldn't be more excited to share with you new possibilities to chart a different pathway forward for learning, technology, and digital society.

But we aren't going to do this alone, and then ask you to come along or buy the solutions we think you need. Our education, network-building, and technology systems are going to be co-created with you!

We're working to launch Learning Pathmakers as a new nonprofit membership organization. It will be community-supported and community created; and instead of putting profits in the hands of wealthy investors, the rewards of our work together will benefit you.

By participating in the Expedition, you'll become the first in line to join our "Learning IPO" - an exclusive opportunity to co-create Learning Pathmakers.

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