Building on the Technology Experience of District of Learning

Learning Pathmakers has been developed through the nonprofit District of Learning, launched five years ago as part of the MacArthur Foundation's Cities of Learning initiative.

We've learned through experience what it takes to make remote learning work, and how technology can engage the entire community to improve learning success.

District of Learning approaches learning technology from a different direction and with a broader vision than solutions dominating our education landscape.


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We aren't focused on using technology for classroom instruction—but to connect, document, and support learning everywhere it happens—across school, community, and virtual spaces. 

We put relationship-building, collaboration, and support at the center of how technology can power purpose-driven learning for life.

Mobile devices have transformed how we build relationships, learn, and problem-solve in every aspect of society except our educational systems.

This is why District of Learning collaborated with the MacArthur Foundation and others to develop a mobile-first technology platform for learning playlists, digital credentials, and online portfolios. It's been used by over 90,000 educators and learners across the country.

We’ve seen promising success with our platform, but we’ve also learned that good technology isn’t enough. We need to lead with relationships and human system-building so that technology can connect and supercharge learning everywhere it happens.

Since the pandemic crisis began, we've been collaborating with leaders in education and technology across the globe to chart a better pathway forward with a new generation of solutions.

Join us at the Learning Pathmakers Expedition to learn more, and to co-create new technology solutions that work for you!

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At last -- an approach that recognizes that we are all learning all the time and everywhere--and allows individuals to make that authentic learning count! This is what we desperately need right now during the pandemic--and in the future.

Michael B. Horn

Co-founder of and a distinguished fellow at the Clayton Christensen Institute for Disruptive Innovation.

mike yates

This is a 2030 idea and solution living in 2021! It’s very rare that someone is working on something that is truly an idea from the future. This is one of those times.

Mike Yates

Senior Managing Director of Network Strategies, The Reinvention Lab at Teach for America

Patricia Brantley Photo

We participated as a pilot partner with District of Learning. It was the only technology solution we used where our students could understand everything that was expected of them from beginning to end. It helped them own their learning.

Patricia Brantley

Chief Executive Officer, Friendship Public Charter School


This is so much better than staring at a screen all day. It gives me better options to learn the ways I want to learn.

Sylvie Alexander

Student, Wilson High School

The pathway to data ownership begins with learning

Learn from technology leader and visionary Jaron Lanier how "Data Dignity" can set us on a better pathway to the future.


Our personal data is the oil of the internet economy, generating billions in profits for global corporations. Even worse—Big Data is being used for hyper-personalization and social media algorithms that are pulling our digital society apart. Education is the place to turn this around.

Our educational systems collect an exponentially growing amount of data about us early in our lives that:

• We don't have access to,
• Isn't shared with us in a way we can understand,  and
• We can't use to power our success in school, work, and life.

Learning Pathmakers is introducing a different approach to learning data ownership, and new technology to make it possible. Join us to chart a pathway towards Data Dignity at the Expedition.

"Pokémon GO" for Learning

Our home of Washington D.C. is home to unparalleled resources for learning.

How do we help young people Catch 'Em All to navigate learning paths across schools and community institutions to reap the full benefits of these resources?

Over the last several months we've been collaborating and consulting with leading technology experts from across the globe to incorporate advanced technologies into our pathway forward. 

The development of a Pokémon Go for Learning is much more than a game—it's a focal point for our work with Learning Pathmakers on data technology, artificial intelligence, and augmented and virtual reality.

The future of learning is here. Join us at the Learning Pathmakers Expedition to explore how to make these powerful technologies work for you.


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